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Natural hand-made soap


OUCH! and Booboo

We’ve joined forces with Daria’s Soap to specially develop skin softening, anti-bacterial soap bars for aerialists, acrobats and circus artists. OUCH! and Booboo are here to help you relax and recover from your aerial and acrobatic beatings, hand-made with natural ingredients to safely and kindly care for your skin.


Daria’s luxurious blend of natural oils, clays, shea butter and aloe vera is combined with arnica infused olive oil to help heal your scrapes and scratches, and a rejuvenating blend of essential oils to soothe your frazzled mind.


  • Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lemon

  • Lavender, Tea Tree, Orange


Scrub your scales away and emerge renewed, thanks to our latest collaboration with Daria’s Soap. We love our aerial and acrobatic workouts, but our skin certainly doesn’t! Sweat, glue, chalk, rosin (and who know what else) can leave our pores clogged and dirty, but MOLT is here to save the day.


Daria’s yummy blend of natural oils and shea butter is combined with ACTIVATED CHARCOAL to gently exfoliate, absorb and remove impurities, YERBA MATE infused olive oil to smooth and rejuvenate, and dry yerba mate flowers for that satisfying scrubby feeling.

  • Grapefruit, Bergamot, Clary Sage, Lavender

MOLT, OUCH! and Booboo  are a Verse Concepts Collaboration. We're uniting with independent artists and artisans to create unique and refreshing products, designed to enhance your aerial life.

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