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About Us

The performing arts industry is on it’s knees. The Covid-19 pandemic has decimated live entertainment and taken the livelihood of millions with it. We, like so many others, are performing artists who have had the rug pulled from beneath us, but we have taken this blow to our industry as a chance to pivot, and focus our creative energy on building a brand based on community, versatility, collaboration, socially and environmentally conscious practices.


Thus Verse Concepts was born, to serve as our foundation for the creation and development of new artistic projects, and to foster community growth through collaboration with fellow artists and industry professionals.


We believe that the only way for our industry to recover, we must not only help and support each other, but encourage each other to follow our hearts, and believe in the fact that we can come back stronger, more creative, and more together than before.

About Daria's Soap

About Daria's Soap

As a little girl, Daria spent her summers in her family cottage, far away from the big city. She enjoyed running through blossoming fields, collecting chamomile and wild herbs, eating fruits from the trees, and sleeping among the beautiful smells of nature.  

She remembers watching her mother making infusions from the wild herbs to create hair and skin care products, and the fun she had learning these skills from her. Years later, during her time as a Cirque Du Soleil artist in Las Vegas, she came back to her sweet childhood memories to be closer to nature. These memories gave her inspiration to start her own small shop of natural handmade soaps and body products. Daria hand makes all of her soaps using a cold process, and allows them to cure for a minimum of 4 weeks. She strives to make the best soaps possible, using the finest natural ingredients and natural colorants in soap making. 

Using natural herbs in her soaps adds numerous benefits for the skin, and adds natural color to all of her products as well. Since herbs contain so many medicinal properties, she also uses them to make oil infusions. These herbal oils have very powerful healing and beauty purposes. To help battle the harsh, dry weather of Las Vegas, Daria has created her products to be extra nourishing for the sensitive skin this dry climate can cause. She loves working with nature to create products that will make your skin look and feel beautiful, and we all hope you enjoy using her products as much as she enjoys making them for you.

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